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With many factories and warehouses employing automated packaging systems, we are pleased to offer the highest quality packaging products. From multi-layer high tech stretch film, designed for automatic, high speed pallet wrappers, to high performance tapes designed specifically for automatic box makers, we carry it all.

Stretch Film

  • Wrap automated or hand wrap
  • Durable high tech multi-layer
  • Creates stability.
  • Great for long-term storage too as it protects from dust.
  • Most common type is made of linear low-density polyethylene.

Corrugated Boxes
Everyone needs corrugated boxes at one time or another. Whether it is to protect a picture or another item of monetary or personal value.

  • Rigid Sides
  • Hard Flaps
  • Pallet corners

Customers love it when their purchases are protected, and filler is the perfect way to do it. Bubble wrap and peanuts are the most common fillers but others are also used.

  • Foam Peanuts
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Other Fillers

The way you secure your package says a lot about your business. Show your customers that you care about how their package arrives and that you want it to arrive intact. We carry a number of different types of tape including:

  • Acrylic
  • Hot Melt
  • Natural rubber
  • Filament
  • Adhesive transfer
  • Industrial Duct
  • Fashion Packaging Tape
  • Specialty Tapes
  • Plus many more types of tape; chances are if it sticks on something, we have it.

LRDSystems & Forms also carries the packaging supplies you need. If you need a tape dispenser, we have those too.