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Digicom Services

Business Full of Files?
Is your business overrun with files? When someone comes in to check on something from the past, do you find yourself in the back hunting through paper files? Then you should consider our digicom services. You can get rid of all those files without paying for a storage room with LRDSystems & Forms Digicom Services.

Archive Your Files
LRDSystems & Forms has the technology to virtually store all of your past records without having to purchase storage space. We will scan and archive all of your records. You will be able to access them online for future reference and you will never have to waste time looking through files to find what you need.

Don’t have all your files on paper? No problem, we can record and archive all your information even if it is on microfiche, film, paper or if it’s digital.

Save Paper, Never Worry About A Fire
What more could a business want? A way to save space: keep excellent and easy accessible records, with reasonable prices to boot. Not to mention that you never have to worry about fire or theft of your files. The online storage system gives you peace of mind. Just turn on any computer and you have access.

Call LRDSystems & Forms today and we will come up with a Digicom system that works for you and your business.