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mass mailing

Mass Mailing Service / Lettershop

Mass Mailing Service
LRDSystems&Forms has the equipment and experience to handle all of your mailing needs from start to finish. We will design, print, image, fold, insert and mail your mailing for you. Whether it is a multi page letter in a window or non window envelope, a folded self mailer, or a postcard we can handle all of your mailing requirements.

This money and time saving service, is utilized by many of our customers.

Imaging Service
Part of our mailing services include imaging. You provide us the file and we will take the data and image it onto the form, postcard or envelope. This process could be as simple as name and address, but we can also include any variable data you need. Whether it's a postcard for a political mailing, or an invoice, our expert programming team can tackle any job big or small.

Certified mailings
Another service/product LRDSystems&Forms offers is certified mailings. If you have a mailing project that has to go out certified, we can handle that for you. We will image, insert and mail out your certified piece. We can send it out, with or without return receipt. The return receipt can be either hard copy, or electronic. After the mailing we will provide a complete mailbook for tracking purposes. Call us today with all of your mailing questions.

We want you to be successful; when you are successful we share in that success! The best way to do that is by giving you the best products and services we have to offer. We give all of our attention to you, our customer.